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Brightest World is an artist community dedicated to supporting humanitarian causes.

A Brighter Year

One year ago today, Brightest World was founded. Its goal, since then, has not changed – to unite artists under a humanitarian banner, and spread awareness and bring support to charities that serve the good of all mankind.

It’s a broad goal, to be sure, but during the last year, I’ve been lucky enough to draw support from the both artist and other communities, and to turn people on to causes they hadn’t previously known about.

We slowed down over the autumn and winter (I’ll confess to having been a little too busy with school and work), but we’re picking back up as 2013 approaches.

These are the charities and causes we featured during the past year:

The Girl Effect

Occupy Wall Street

Doctors Without Borders

Red Cross

Amos House



Urban Compass


United Way


Shimmies for Life

Room to Read

Amnesty International

Mercy Corps

East Coast Avengers


Shawn and Gwenn


In My Name

Insight Prison Project

The Jimmy Fund

Toys for Tots

Probably there are some causes on that list that drew your curiosity – check ’em out! East Coast Avengers sponsors the Autism Speaks Walk. Shimmies for Life assists cancer survivors in recovery through bellydance. SurfAid provides humanitarian relief, emergency assistance, and education to isolated island peoples.

All of these charities are worth exploring, because to me, they prove humanity’s nobility and inherent kindness. As humans, we are the stewards of the earth, and of each other. The work that all these charities do show that together, with everyone’s help, we can build a brighter world – the brightest world.

Keep up with us on Twitter and Facebook, and make this year your brightest yet!


Brightest blessings,


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Dear America

I was born of you, and you raised me. At your knee I learned the virtues of freedom, truth, and dignity; at your hands I suffered injustice, hatred, and ignorance.

I write to remind you of those ideals we once prized so highly. We fought for independence, but now allow ourselves to be led like sheep for the slaughter. We fought for peace, which we allowed to be disrupted time and time again. For freedom, which we gave up for security. For unity, which has been fragmented.

Somewhere in the heart of you, I know these ideals still stand. Will you not find your voice again? Will you not once again take up arms in defense of what we hold dear?

Look around you! Everywhere there is death, and poverty. We let our kin struggle in the streets, while we hold fiercely to what we have. Help yourselves, then help your brothers and sisters, for a country fragmented can never stand. Know that to help others is to help yourself.

Remember who you are. Remember what we fought and died for, and use your anger to effect change. Do not accept mockery by others, but silence the bitter words with both kindness and bravery. Do not make enemies of each other, but stand together. Do not allow ignorance and hatred to distort your view of the world; see virtue in all things. Remember your heritage, both that which your family shares and also what we share as citizens of the same nation. Recognize that we are one nation among many, and remember that we are all part of one world.

Be the shield, and not the sword. Protect and help one another as best you can, be it with a meal or merely well-meant, kindly advice. Stand strong, and hold your head high. Conduct yourself with honor, and honor others; you will find that honor returned to you.

I do not write this for those who govern, but for the people of this nation who have slipped into darkness and doubt. A sunrise can come – but as one nation, we must stand and work together to pull back the veil of bitter darkness that shrouds us, to dismantle the hood of darkness that clouds our hopes and dreams.

For a brighter (the brightest) world,


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America’s Disenfranchised

A good friend of mine, legal student Dee Lincoln, and I are writing a book exploring the various causes of disenfranchisement among the American poor. We will be exploring the roles of ethnicity, education, the welfare system, the penal system, and others in order to create a clearer picture of the causes of persistent poverty, and we will also attempt to provide a clearer picture of what can be done to alleviate the issue.

Work on this text will begin this summer, and as we intend it to be extremely well-researched, it will take several years to complete. However, I will make excerpts from the book available as each chapter is completed so everyone can get an idea of what to expect from the book. We would like this book to be a reference text for not only activists and protesters, but politicians, lawyers, judges and law enforcement officials as well.

If you have a topic to suggest that you think ought to be covered for this text, please feel free to submit it! A special thanks also to my best friend and partner, literature expert and political activist Robert B. Eaton, who has assisted me in topic research and provided me with innumerable texts from his personal library for the purposes of research.

Wishing you the best and brightest,

Muse en Lystrala

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2012 – Season of Hope

2011 was a trying year for a lot of us. The US and many other nations are struggling to recover from a Recession, and some nations are entering one. We saw lots of political strife and civil unrest, including the rise of the Occupy Wall Street Movement and increasing police violence against protesters, protests in several Middle Eastern nations that, although peaceful, met with sometimes even worse violence. The push-pull between the Democratic and Republican parties in the US has become more dramatic, and instead of becoming more unified, the world as a whole has become divided.

I’ve been viewing this from two perspectives – as an artist and as a citizen. As an artist, times of strife and unrest are the best times for most artists to produce, because most art is born of tragedy in all its forms. I have written more songs in the last year than in most years previously, born of both my personal strife associated with the events that are occurring in our world and from observing the tragedies of others. It breaks my heart to see it, though, and I often wish I could write songs inspired by joy rather than grief.

As a citizen, I am deeply worried about what is happening to our society. Unification is something I talk about a lot in my private conversations with friends, but I haven’t really been terribly public about my fears and hopes for the world.

My role as a citizen, both of the US and of Earth, is what is driving me right now. I want to ask everyone – religious and political views aside – what is it that you think can help us to work together? My idea is 3C – communication, compromise, and compassion. It is my belief that these three things together can defeat any evil we feel compelled to inflict on one another. These are obvious, and so simple, and yet I feel that so many people don’t use these tools because of their desperate desire not to be fair or to be kind, but to be right.

I am appealing to everyone, anyone and everyone, to find a way to bring positive energy to the world. It doesn’t matter how you do it, when, or where, but every single person has the potential to change something for the better. If you succeed in even bettering one person’s life, however small or big your gesture is, you have bettered the world. You never know what one simple gesture can accomplish. Once, on my way home to Providence from Boston, I encountered two people with a sign advertising free hugs in the T station. I hugged both of them, and on the way home, I thought a lot about how good those hugs made me feel, and how there is still love out there in the world with people still willing to express it. That thought made me feel good, and it also prompted me to think how I could better express positive emotion. Those two hugs touched off a major train of thought – who would have thought?

2012 has a bad reputation. Some people talk about it being the year the world will end, some talk of war or plague coming to destroy us. I don’t want to think of 2012 as that year. I want to think of it as a season of hope, a year of art, beauty, love, kindness, and positive change.

So think about it. Really think hard. You have the power to change the world for the better, right here and now. How will you do it?

I wish you a bright (the brightest!) year.

-Muse en Lystrala

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The Birth of Brightest World

The founder of Brightest World, Muse en Lystrala, had been milling around an idea in her head – how to spread awareness and provide support to humanitarian causes using two separate but related skills – fine arts and social media.

At a quarter past ten on December 26th, 2011, she finally nailed down how to do it – and Brightest World was born.

Brightest World is a community of artists, musicians, dancers, and designers who can utilize their audiences to spread awareness of humanitarian causes. Arts creation, social media, and blogging about the cause(s) of their choice can bring increased support to a variety of organizations and movements dedicated to improving the quality of life for people around the world.

To support the cause, artists can do any of the following: create art or music dedicated to humanitarian causes and sharing it online to inspire others, auctioning or selling art and music and contributing proceeds to humanitarian causes, and tweet, retweeting, Facebooking, and blogging about humanitarian causes.

Every week, Brightest World will spotlight a different humanitarian cause, or an artist who has made a contribution to a humanitarian cause. Artists of Brightest World are encouraged to retweet, share Facebook posts, and blog about any cause that strikes their fancy. In future, Brightest World plans to produce events to provide both work for performing artists or visual artists as well as to raise money to donate to various beneficiaries. 

Connect with BW on Facebook: 

Follow BW on Twitter:!/Brightest_World

Welcome to our Brightest World!

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