Brightest World

Brightest World is an artist community dedicated to supporting humanitarian causes.

A Brighter Year

on 12/26/2012

One year ago today, Brightest World was founded. Its goal, since then, has not changed – to unite artists under a humanitarian banner, and spread awareness and bring support to charities that serve the good of all mankind.

It’s a broad goal, to be sure, but during the last year, I’ve been lucky enough to draw support from the both artist and other communities, and to turn people on to causes they hadn’t previously known about.

We slowed down over the autumn and winter (I’ll confess to having been a little too busy with school and work), but we’re picking back up as 2013 approaches.

These are the charities and causes we featured during the past year:

The Girl Effect

Occupy Wall Street

Doctors Without Borders

Red Cross

Amos House



Urban Compass


United Way


Shimmies for Life

Room to Read

Amnesty International

Mercy Corps

East Coast Avengers


Shawn and Gwenn


In My Name

Insight Prison Project

The Jimmy Fund

Toys for Tots

Probably there are some causes on that list that drew your curiosity – check ’em out! East Coast Avengers sponsors the Autism Speaks Walk. Shimmies for Life assists cancer survivors in recovery through bellydance. SurfAid provides humanitarian relief, emergency assistance, and education to isolated island peoples.

All of these charities are worth exploring, because to me, they prove humanity’s nobility and inherent kindness. As humans, we are the stewards of the earth, and of each other. The work that all these charities do show that together, with everyone’s help, we can build a brighter world – the brightest world.

Keep up with us on Twitter and Facebook, and make this year your brightest yet!


Brightest blessings,



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