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Dear America

on 07/04/2012

I was born of you, and you raised me. At your knee I learned the virtues of freedom, truth, and dignity; at your hands I suffered injustice, hatred, and ignorance.

I write to remind you of those ideals we once prized so highly. We fought for independence, but now allow ourselves to be led like sheep for the slaughter. We fought for peace, which we allowed to be disrupted time and time again. For freedom, which we gave up for security. For unity, which has been fragmented.

Somewhere in the heart of you, I know these ideals still stand. Will you not find your voice again? Will you not once again take up arms in defense of what we hold dear?

Look around you! Everywhere there is death, and poverty. We let our kin struggle in the streets, while we hold fiercely to what we have. Help yourselves, then help your brothers and sisters, for a country fragmented can never stand. Know that to help others is to help yourself.

Remember who you are. Remember what we fought and died for, and use your anger to effect change. Do not accept mockery by others, but silence the bitter words with both kindness and bravery. Do not make enemies of each other, but stand together. Do not allow ignorance and hatred to distort your view of the world; see virtue in all things. Remember your heritage, both that which your family shares and also what we share as citizens of the same nation. Recognize that we are one nation among many, and remember that we are all part of one world.

Be the shield, and not the sword. Protect and help one another as best you can, be it with a meal or merely well-meant, kindly advice. Stand strong, and hold your head high. Conduct yourself with honor, and honor others; you will find that honor returned to you.

I do not write this for those who govern, but for the people of this nation who have slipped into darkness and doubt. A sunrise can come – but as one nation, we must stand and work together to pull back the veil of bitter darkness that shrouds us, to dismantle the hood of darkness that clouds our hopes and dreams.

For a brighter (the brightest) world,



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