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America’s Disenfranchised

on 05/25/2012

A good friend of mine, legal student Dee Lincoln, and I are writing a book exploring the various causes of disenfranchisement among the American poor. We will be exploring the roles of ethnicity, education, the welfare system, the penal system, and others in order to create a clearer picture of the causes of persistent poverty, and we will also attempt to provide a clearer picture of what can be done to alleviate the issue.

Work on this text will begin this summer, and as we intend it to be extremely well-researched, it will take several years to complete. However, I will make excerpts from the book available as each chapter is completed so everyone can get an idea of what to expect from the book. We would like this book to be a reference text for not only activists and protesters, but politicians, lawyers, judges and law enforcement officials as well.

If you have a topic to suggest that you think ought to be covered for this text, please feel free to submit it! A special thanks also to my best friend and partner, literature expert and political activist Robert B. Eaton, who has assisted me in topic research and provided me with innumerable texts from his personal library for the purposes of research.

Wishing you the best and brightest,

Muse en Lystrala


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