Brightest World

Brightest World is an artist community dedicated to supporting humanitarian causes.

The Birth of Brightest World

The founder of Brightest World, Muse en Lystrala, had been milling around an idea in her head – how to spread awareness and provide support to humanitarian causes using two separate but related skills – fine arts and social media.

At a quarter past ten on December 26th, 2011, she finally nailed down how to do it – and Brightest World was born.

Brightest World is a community of artists, musicians, dancers, and designers who can utilize their audiences to spread awareness of humanitarian causes. Arts creation, social media, and blogging about the cause(s) of their choice can bring increased support to a variety of organizations and movements dedicated to improving the quality of life for people around the world.

To support the cause, artists can do any of the following: create art or music dedicated to humanitarian causes and sharing it online to inspire others, auctioning or selling art and music and contributing proceeds to humanitarian causes, and tweet, retweeting, Facebooking, and blogging about humanitarian causes.

Every week, Brightest World will spotlight a different humanitarian cause, or an artist who has made a contribution to a humanitarian cause. Artists of Brightest World are encouraged to retweet, share Facebook posts, and blog about any cause that strikes their fancy. In future, Brightest World plans to produce events to provide both work for performing artists or visual artists as well as to raise money to donate to various beneficiaries. 

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Welcome to our Brightest World!

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